Instagram Model Project

Dozens of teenage girls around the world are busy participating in a new type of model project from their own homes and neighborhoods. They have fun and make some money all at the same time!

Most people call it the "Instagram Model" style. Here are a few examples:

From the Island of Fiji in the South Pacific there is 15 year old Blaise Devos @blazingggblaiseee with 85,000 followers and the website her mother created at where fans fans get to subscribe for a monthly fee and following along on her modeling adventures.

From California, USA there is 15 year old Avary Ana @avaryana with over 300,000 followers and for her fans to support her modeling school, trips to modeling projects and auditions, her mother and her created a website at and on the website fans get to subscribe for a monthly fee and following along on her modeling adventures.

From Brazil there is 15 year old Francine Ramme @fran.ramme with 123,000 followers. Many of those followers wish to help her become a popular model so she and her brother have created a website for her at On the website fans get to subscribe for a monthly fee and following along on her modeling adventures.

All of these teenage models, and many more, are having fun and making some modeling money at the same time by first being popular on Instagram, then creating a website where Instagram Fans & Followers can subscribe to support her modeling adventures.

All of these models have permission from their mothers. Some of the Instagram and website photos and videos are taken by a professional photographer, some are taken by friends, and for many others all the work is done by her mother. Being the photographer, social media manager, and website creator is very hard for one person to do.

Our company recently created TrueModels where we will help new teenage models that are attractive and serious get started with their own website.

The Steps are Easy!

 •  The teen model and her photographer (mother, friend, boyfriend or professional) concentrate on producing the best photos and videos they can and post a few of them on Instagram where they gain a large following of fans.

 •  After a few weeks as her following grows larger and larger she, or her partners, create her own website on our hosting service and start learning how to operate the system to post photos and videos.

 •  Another few weeks later after the following total is above 25,000 she opens to website to subscribers (paying customers) using our systems for collecting payments and managing the profiles for subscribers. She also start an "updating schedule" where she tells subscribers that she'll post new pictures on certain days and new videos on certain days so they know what they are paying for.

 •  Our company manages all the subscribers and payments, while the model and her helper concentrate on keeping the website fresh with new photos and videos.

 •  The income (subscriber fees) is split between the model (80%) and our company (20%). EXAMPLE: If the website received $2000 in subscribers for one month the model will receive $1600 and our company will receive $400.

If you're a teenage girl interested in this project, or the mother of a teenage model, please click over to to this page to get more information and send us your information.