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If you wish to host a website fully dedicated to your content (not a profile within Fanzoona, below you'll find information for models and photographers that may be interested in using our hosting, streaming and subscriber services. If you have additional questions please reach out from the Contact Us page.

Who We Are

TrueModels is a website hosting and subscriber management system designed for non-nude photo & video models, cosplay personalities and their photographers. Models by themselves, or that have a boyfriend or photographer as a partner, are welcome here.

TrueModels is owned and maintained by Group Five Photosports, LLC of Littleton, Colorado. USA. The company started as a photo studio in 1983 and began hosting our own glamour model websites in 2001. You can read more about us here.

What we do here

Much like YouTube and Instagram our goal is to provide a platform models and photographers use to post and distribute the photo, video or textual content they create. Like Patreon, we feature a safe and secure system for fans of the models & creators to subscribe on a monthly basis to review and financially support high quality content.

We use the same rules concerning ages and nudity as YouTube and Instagram. Age 13 is the youngest model or creator able to use our system. No nudity is allowed on our TrueModels hosting service.

We build each new model or creator their own easy to use website where they can offer monthly subscriptions to fans and supporters.

Our role, like Patreon, is limited to keeping the website content online (hosting), along with helping subscribers securely make subscription payments and manage their account details (username, password, email address), and later sending the payments collected out to the website owner (model or photographer), minus our fees.

We operate using the "revenue sharing" business model. This is very similar to that of a modeling or talent agent helping a person find modeling or acting gigs, or a sports agent helping a player get signed by a big team. In both cases the agent receives a percentage of the money earned by the model, actor or player.

  • On YouTube when advertisements run before the video the income from those ads is split is 55% to the creator and 45% kept by YouTube. For $50.00 worth of advertisements the video creator would get $28.00

  • Over at Apple for application creators in the APP Store or musicians in iTunes, it is 70% to the creator and 30% kept by Apple. For each $50.00 in APP or song sales the APP creator or musician gets $35.00

  • At the adult hosting system ModelCentro the revenue sharing is split twice. They first take 10% off the top to cover bank fees, then what is left is divided 75% to the content creator (website) and 25% kept by ModelCentro. For each $50.00 in subscription sales the model (or partners) get $34.00

  • Here at TrueModels the revenue sharing is 80% to the content creator (website) and 20% kept by TrueModels. For each $50.00 in subscription sales the model (or partners) get $40.00

Because we are sharing in the profits and our success is directly aligned with your success we have a strong incentive to keep our systems running smoothly and help your website find and keep subscribers.

TrueModels hosting is limited to non-nude websites, models that pose in non-nude imagery, and photographers (creators) that feature models in their photos and videos using a non-nude style.

This doesn't mean boring, this doesn't mean we're a bunch of prudes, and it doesn't mean we have tighter Terms of service compared to YouTube, Instagram or Patreon. The opposite is true.

Our primary focus on what most would call "Glamour Models" and "Glamour Photographers", meaning those that are posing in swimwear, lingerie or other daring garments to show off their own beauty and the photographers that produce more elaborate imagery using their lighting and composition skills, as compared to "Fashion Models" who pose almost exclusively to market the garment they are wearing and the photographers that shoot standard catalog style images.

Brazilian cut and thong swimwear or lingerie, as well as sheer or daring garments and costumes, fit fine within our policies.

Our minimum age is 13 years old, which directly aligns us with Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, but here we must confirm with a parent or guardian before we open a website for a person under age 18, and insist that the parent is involved at all times.

What we do not do

We do not host any full nudity.

We do not produce any of the photo or video content found on websites using our hosting or subscriber services. All content on websites using our systems is produced and uploaded by those users. We will help with photo retouching and video editing in some circumstances.

We do not employ an automatic registration system. Our reasoning is simple: We hate spammers, trolls, porn rule breakers and others that flood sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with trash content, fraudulent offers, porn and Terms of Service violations. By manually reviewing new accounts, and speaking with the person by phone, we seek to avoid those types of problems.

That is also why on the form below we ask to review your Instagram account name. It will help us confirm you are a real person producing real content, as compared to a fake or BOT using content copied from others intending to break our policies.

Again, we are not reviewing, approving or editing content, only approving the creation of each new model or photographer account to avoid spammers.

Submit your information

If you are a model or photographer interested in hosting a website on our servers and using our subscriber management and payment systems please complete the form below. If you are accepted, and are under age 18, we require permission from a parent or guardian before your website can open to subscribers.

If you have additional questions before submitting your information please reach out using information on the Contact Us page or call us at 303-474-4449.