TrueModels Subscriber Help & Tips provides hosting and subscriber management systems for non-nude models that have their own full website. Our role is to keep the website online (hosting), along with helping subscribers securely make subscription payments and manage their account details (username, password, email address). We do not produce content within the websites we host here.

Because we are only the website hosting service all questions, suggestions or complaints about individual website content or policies should be sent directly to the individual website.

If the answer to your question is not found in this page, please contact us at using the form below and we'll replay as soon as possible.

Payments & Statements

TrueModels is owned and maintained by Group Five Photosports, LLC of Littleton, Colorado. USA. We started as a photo studio in 1983. We began hosting websites so our model and photographer friends can concentrate on producing great photos and videos while leaving the technical stuff such as hosting servers, website security and payments systems to us.

Your payment card statement will read the neutral studio name Group Five Photosports in Littleton, Colorado, USA.

You can read more about our company at Group Five Photosports, LLC.

Subscriber Control Panel

Our site features its own subscriber management and payment system. Part of that system is our Subscriber's Control Panel which allows you to manage your account here as you see fit.

Below we describe the basic steps and the panel help page here also provides guidance for that area with screenshots showing how it works.

Cancelling Subscriptions

We hate to see you leave, but if you wish to cancel the rebilling feature for one or more of the websites we assist, please follow these simple steps.

  • Log into the Subscriber's Control Panel using the button below

  • Click the "Payment History" tab to review your current subscription(s).

  • On that tab look under "Your Subscriptions" and click the "Cancel Subscription" link for that subscription prior to 10:00pm Eastern USA time one day before your next billing date.

  • Note that if you have more than one subscription to different websites or models you need to do the "Cancel Subscription" step for each that you wish to cancel.

  • Subscriber profiles that do not have any active subscriptions are deleted after 30 days. Users are welcome to create a new profile with the same information if they wish to subscribe again in the future.

  • The Control Panel Help Page provides screen shots if you wish to review the steps closer.

Enter Control Panel

Non-Working Passwords

If you know your password, but it is not working, please check your receipt email to insure it has not expired.

If you believe it should be working please use the button below to have a reset link sent by email.

Password Recovery Page

Additional password and account access information is available here.

If you continue to need password help contact us at using the form below. Please include your full name and the email address used to subscribe. We will check it directly and reply as soon as possible. For your protection we can only send password information to the email address in your subscription profile.

Receiving Email

When you subscribe to a website we send you an email. When you change or lose your password we send you an email. When we have a new model using our systems we send you an email.

If you do not wish to receive those messages please check the box marked Unsubscribe from all email messages in the lower left corner of the Subscriber's Control Panel.

If you are having issues receiving emails, or they often arrive in your SPAM folder, please consider placing us in your contacts and "Whitelisting" our email address. You can find help for that process here.

Chargebacks & Refunds

Please remember that your credit card statement will read our commercial photography studio name of Group Five Photosports for subscription purchases and monthly rebilling.

All subscription sales are final and cannot be refunded. All access to the website(s) is carefully logged with IP addresses and ISPs being recorded should we need to dispute a chargeback or refund request. If you have any questions about your subscription or payment card statement, please contact us at using the form below.

VPN & Proxy Network Problems

Virtual Private Networks, and the closely related Proxies Systems, are used by some website visitors to add a tiny extra layer of privacy to their online activities. Unfortunately, over time online criminals started using these same networks to hide their identity while using stolen credit cards, committing fraudulent transactions, and attempting to hack into secure websites and social media accounts.

To lower the impact of those bad guys the online payment processing systems, datacenters, websites and social media networks often reject visitors that are using a VPN or Proxy. This can include a subscription payment being rejected as potentially fraudulent by the payment card networks Visa or Mastercard if the transaction is coming in from a known VPN or Proxy system.

If, while using a VPN or Proxy, you have problems logging in or processing a transaction here on TrueModels, or have problems accessing one of the websites using our hosting systems, please turn off the VPN or Proxy, restart your computer and try again.

Request Help

If you have other questions that we haven't answered on this page, or need additional help, please use this form to send a message and we'll get the answers back to you as soon as possible.



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