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May 14th, 2022

The new website at is open and active. There are a few differences between that site and this one. Here is the basic explanation.

  • This site is the central point in a "Network of Models Websites" where we handle the hosting, subscriber management and payments, while each model has their own complete website on their own domain. We did not design the websites, answer the fans emails or have access to the internal members area of their website so running everything is up to the model and/or the photographer themselves.

    Each model has his or her own complete website much like Duda Nowak.

  • The site is different. (1) its easier to post photos and videos as it feels a bit like Facebook, (2) models can set any schedule they want at any price they want without a firm update schedule and (3) because each model has a page inside one large website we can help with monitoring comments, answering questions, deleting rude posts and more.

    We are hoping the new style system at, a bit like Patreon, will draw in more models over time because it is easier for new models to learn and use.

Other News

We are hoping to hire high school and college age interns in the Clearwater, Florida area to work over the summer months.

The overall goal is to get more young people involved in the photo & video production business. Imagine if you will - a young aspiring photographer (male or female) working with us on a few projects as a paid helper. Later, after they learn a few tricks and techniques, they team up with a local friend that looks awesome in a bikini to build the type of small content creation business TrueModels supports.

That scenario would be good for the new photographer as he or she is in business instantly, for the new model as he or she is having fun and making some money, and good for TrueModels because its what we get paid to do.

If you know somebody that may fit this, and they live in Florida around Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, Spring Hill, Largo or nearby, please send them over to or use the form below to send their Instagram link and we'll reach out ourselves.

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