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September 8th, 2023

All sites within the TrueModels.NET network are up and running.

The sister system at TrueModels.COM is closed. That is the system that had several models with social media style profiles under a single domain. It had a few tech flaws and may come back at some future date.

With that closing here we are also going to cancel plans for the third TrueModels site at TrueModels.TV where we thought it was a good idea to create a system where photographers, studios or other creators could interact with fans during production events. It was a cool system but we didn't have any serious photographers hoping to took advantage of it.

We are leaving up the news below titled "Understanding the TrueModels Websites" so followers can understand what we had planned. It didn't work out as hoped. For now we'll remain dedicated to fan club style sites for our model friends.

Understanding the TrueModels Websites

Under the TrueModels name we manage 3 different online systems and websites that models, photographers and other creators can use to distribute their content to fans worldwide in a safe, secure and profitable manner. Each site operates as a standalone system. Memberships, log-ins and payment data are not shared between them.

  • TrueModels.COM is a social media style system, somewhat like Patreon, that allows models to post content in a subscription feed, in a blog style feed, in a pay-to-view manner or by combining features of each.

    Compared to running a full stand-alone website it is easier for models to post photos and videos because it feels a bit like Facebook, and can be managed in a bit more casual or random manner. Because each model has a profile page inside one larger website we help with monitoring comments, answering questions, deleting rude posts and more.

  • TrueModels.NET is the central point in a "Network of Models Websites" where we handle the hosting, subscriber management and payments, while each model has their own complete website on their own domain.

    We did not design the websites, answer the fans emails or have access to the internal members area of their website so running everything is up to the model and/or the photographer themselves. Each model has his or her own complete website much like Duda Nowak.

  • TrueModels.TV, coming in 2023, is a new system where models, photographers and other creators can produce pay-to-attend live HD streaming events, photoshoots, chats, video meet & greets and more.

    The system is designed for pre-scheduled events. It is not a webcam style site with multiple models in different chatrooms. Its is a single event broadcast style system. Imagine a photo studio with the photographer working with one of our favorite models all afternoon. One of his team members connects a camcorder to a laptop and streams behind the scenes all day. At times the model visits the laptop to chat with fans, at other times his helper describes what is happening, and at other times fans are seeing the photoshoot take place from just a few feet away live and in HD.

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