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June 7, 2021

Systems here are up and running just fine. Tiny website update today to move a link or two around and make access to both the new model & creator information and the subscriber login link easier for mobile devices.

Our company (Group Five Photosports) is reopening our production facility / studio in Clearwater, Florida and we have a couple of opportunities persons in that area might be interested in.

  • First, we have a couple of full-time / weekend jobs open. If you, or somebody you know, are in the area of the St. Petersburg / Clearwater airport and have some experience with photo/video production or post-production you can find more information here.

  • Second, the studio will be made available to aspiring photographers, videographers, make-up/hair stylists, models, podcasters and other creators that are in the high school and college age range. The overall goal is that they eventually partner with us for a TrueModels hosted website or a TruePodcasts (coming soon) hosted podcast.

    Imagine if you will - an young aspiring photographer (male or female) and a friend that looks awesome in a bikini working together as they both learn and have fun. Later using space and equipment we provide to become even better, before eventually starting a model based website using our service here at TrueModels.

    If you know somebody that may fit this, and they live in Florida around Clearwater, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, Spring Hill, Largo or nearby, please send them over to or use the form below to send us a link to their Instagram account so we can reach out ourselves.

Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome and can be sent quickly using the form below.

March 20, 2021

We've been operating for 10 months. We are hosting only 4 websites when we expected 12 in 2020 and more to come in 2021. Things should pick-up as Covid fears fade away and some content producers are able to work more freely compared to 2020. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • The web server systems have been rock solid. Out of 432,000 minutes (10 full months) of service they have been offline only during three software upgrades, averaging just 3 minutes 5 seconds each, for a total of 9 minutes and 16 seconds. That is a 99.9978% uptime rate. The average for the top 25 USA web hosting providers is 99.5902%.

  • The video streaming systems have not experienced any complete downtime over the past 10 months. Video viewers in Europe did experience limited buffering for two days early in March due to a fire at the OVH Datacenter in Strasbourg, France causing one CDN server to be offline. That is out of our control but our upstream provider rerouted traffic promptly and things returned to normal quickly.

  • The payment processing systems (subscribers paying websites) experienced downtown for about 3 hours in February due to a nationwide payment network failure that also took down credit and debit card payments at Chick-fil-A, Forever 21, Ikea and others.

  • The payment distribution systems (our company paying content creators) have experienced exactly zero downtime over the past ten months and every single payment has been sent, and therefore received, on time.

We are ready to begin work with additional models and photographers. If you are a model, parent of a model, or a photographer/creator working with a model that has a decent following on Instagram, please review the basic information here and complete the online form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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